As Founder of the Inspire Wellness Center, my mission is to guide you back to health by offering natural and holistic healing alternatives such as acupuncture, nutritional remedies, qigong, meditation, and educational tools that help nourish your mind, body, and spirit. As an author, motivational speaker, and holistic healing expert, I offer a variety workshops described below. Contact me today to learn more and join me at an upcoming event near you.

Creating Health and Wellness at Any Age

This 8-week class, of 2 hour sessions per class, is designed to teach mind-body-spirit wellness techniques and provide lifestyle and dietary information to create, maintain, and improve one’s health at any age. A variety of techniques are used and taught, including but not limited to guided healing visualizations, meditations connecting to Divine Source energy, chakra clearing and balancing, self-hypnosis, acupressure point combinations, qigong techniques, diet, nutrition, herbs, and more.

Introduction to Holistic Methods for Healing Chronic Illness

This is hands-on 8-week class, of 2 hour sessions per class, is a gateway designed for those suffering from chronic illness, especially, autoimmune disorders like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, etc. Anyone suffering from a chronic illness, who is ready to learn, heal, and support others, is welcome.This 8-week introductory class is meant to provide you with the basic framework for creating health and wellness holistically.

The class will introduce various holistic healing techniques, such as, breath work, meditation, Qigong, healing visualizations, diet and food-healing, reflexology, and more.

Holistic health techniques will be practiced each session, and attendees will receive individualized help to set specific wellness goals to move towards wellness and recovering a productive life.

Holistic Health Techniques to Create a New You

A 2-hour workshop and demonstration class covering a variety of holistic techniques used to heal from chronic illness and pain. This will include some basic reflexology techniques, a guided healing visualization, as well as an overview of foods that heal. Based on the book  Rising from the Abyss, which chronicles my journey out of chronic illness using holistic health techniques.

Manage Your Pain Holistically

This 1 hour class is designed to introduce holistic techniques and provide lifestyle and dietary information to help reduce and manage chronic pain. Several simple pain management techniques will be introduced, including the use of healing visualizations, self-hypnosis, breath-work, and food-healing.

Awakening the Healer Within

This 2-hour workshop explores my ten-year journey of recovery from a devastating and nearly fatal auto-immune illness. Western medicine gave me little hope and sentenced me to a life of pain and suffering. Despite my prognosis, I took control of my wellness journey and healed myself holistically using techniques that address all levels of the body-mind-spirit. In this workshop I will share some of these simple, yet effective, life-altering techniques with you, giving you the tools to begin your own journey to wellness.